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Launched in 2017, CatholicBrain.com provides an innovative solution for Pre K – 8th grade faith formation and religious education. Our tools enable schools and parishes to deliver an outstanding faith learning experience; engaging students and involving parents in faith formation, equipping catechists and religion teachers and empowering DREs and school administrators.

CatholicBrain Connect

CatholicBrain Connect is the CatholicBrain app, providing mobile access to all the great CatholicBrain administrative resources for teachers, catechists, DREs, and school administrators. Teachers can connect through this app with students, other teachers, administrators, and parents providing homework assignments, scheduling, announcements and events easily. Even take attendance or write lesson plans from the CatholicBrain Connect app. All at your fingertips and for your convenience!

Biblezon Tablet

Launched in 2014, Biblezon Tablet combines faith and technology in an Android tablet, giving children a safe, interactive faith tool in their hands. The tablet comes pre-loaded with more than 50 Catholic apps, books, videos, songs, games and quizzes. The tablet encourages children to learn their faith by awarding stars, badges and medals for completing daily activities. Biblezon was the first-ever exclusively Catholic tablet, and is a treasured companion on the faith journey for children and adults alike.

Adventure Catechism

The Adventure Catechism is a high quality series of animated videos that help in the faith formation of young Catholics. Produced in partnership with Herald Entertainment, our programs are designed to motivate and inspire this generation of Catholics to fall in love with their faith. The series includes quizzes, games, and lesson plans taking students through 40 Catechism lessons with ever-popular Brother Francis.


Catholicebooks is your online digital Catholic Bookstore resource, geared especially for young readers, including curriculum books. CatholiceBooks provides an innovative solution to help children study their faith by providing online access to books that will deepen their understanding and practice of the faith.  

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